Denroy Morgan pushes African 'family' with new EP

Pre-Order 3/29/19 & Available 4/6/19

Reggae singer Denroy Morgan has come full circle. He started out as a solo singer scoring a huge pop hit, “I’ll Do Anything For You”, in 1981, before dedicating his life to pushing the efforts of his children, Morgan Heritage and LMS, to international fame. Now, he has returned to the music industry, to push the careers of African reggae singers, young men who he says are members of his "extended spiritual family". 

"God is showing me a balance. I am an African born in Jamaica, who spent a portion of my life in the US, my kids were born in the US and spent their developing years in Jamaica, growing and understanding the energy, and bussing with the Jamaican energy. Now, my kids are on a pioneering mission in Africa, they are the next generation of pioneers, and  I am doing my part to unearth talent in Africa, and to bring their music to the Jamaica and the world,"  Morgan said. 

Recently, Morgan resurrected his music career, returning to the stage with his band, the Black Eagles, and he also sought out recording talent from the worlds treasure chest known as Africa. He spent several months recording an EP entitled 'Missing You'. 

"These young men are my sons of the outer circle, the children of the outer circle, my spirit family, and they are incredibly talented and I have the blueprint to introduce them to the world," he said. 

Morgan is the father of 30 children, 15 of whom he shares with Hyacinth Morgan, affectionately called 'Emo'. He has been able to use the sheer force of his presence and his charisma to introduce new artistes to the world. He did it first with Morgan Heritage, a reggae band formed in 1994 by five of his children namely Peter "Peetah" Morgan, Una Morgan, Roy "Gramps" Morgan, Nakhamyah "Lukes" Morgan, and Memmalatel "Mr. Mojo" Morgan. Morgan Heritage have toured internationally and released a number of reggae albums including the 2015 Grammy Award winning Strictly Roots. He also enjoyed success with the group, LMS which included Laza “One By One” Morgan who has had some his own hit records as well.

Morgan is confident he can do it again. 

"We have a moral imperative to create that light of change, that truth to expose that indelible mark of lies that has captivated the minds of people and put us in an ignorant state of mind of our black selves. Only rasta can liberate the people," he said. 

2019 is an exciting year for the  Royal Family of Reggae. This year will see releases from 2015 Grammy Award winners Morgan Heritage, 3rd generation Jemere Morgan, as well as the patriarch Denroy Morgan himself!  This latest single “Missing You” with Nyasha David featuring Gramps Morgan is the lead track from the   Missing You EP, by Denroy Morgan & the Black Eagles Band with the Youths of Africa which features some hot new talent straight outta Africa, including Nyasha David from Zimbabwe on the Single “Missing You”, Latitude from South Africa on “God Is In Man”, Q-Nel from Ghana on "Rapture", VagaVybz from Rwanda on “Missing You”, and Bravoo from Kenya on “Super G Man” and , will be available for preorder on March 29th and will be available on all digital outlets on April 6th. This EP is a precursor to his yet unnamed up coming album. This new album is poised to be one of Denroy Morgan’s best works yet and will be well stocked with songs to bring about African joy and upliftment, as well as some Ganja anthems declaring the benefits of the healing of the nations. 

Spirituality is rooted in Morgan's music as he is very much a leader of his own religious ministry, where he is known as  Ambassador Bishop Ras Denroy Morgan of the Abrahamic  Covenant Family Ministry, an arm of the Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church of North and South America and the International Gospel Helpers Church. He is also a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the American Clergy Leadership Conference with a Nyahbinghi Vibration and Bobo Shanti Tradition. 

"We have to gather and unify family vibration," he said. 

Morgan released his last album, Muzical Unity in 2017 on Asaph Records/ VPAL Music, and this year, he has upped the ante by pushing a new project, re-establishing his Black Eagles band with a new lead vocalist, Iambassa. 

"The Black Eagles was my back up band in 1984 when I initially went solo," he explained. 

Earlier this month, he released a single by Iambassa called 'Sweet Kali Herb' and in the summer he will release another single by Ianbassa and the Black Eagles, 'Stand Firm', which is a tribute to Igo Levy of the original Black Eagles. He is now ready to tour the world in support of these singles, the EP and his upcoming album. 

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